Feature length documentary film
Running time: 82 minutes

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND premiered at SxSW and has screened on four continents, at venues ranging from movie theaters and festivals to large-scale special event screenings, including for The Nation Magazine and the SEIU. Exhibits include Exit Art Gallery’s “Other America”, Silverman Gallery’s “Bad Moon Rising” traveling exhibit and the film was part of Carolina Caceydo’s exhibit for Art Basel, Miami. THIS LAND was one of two feature-length documentaries selected for the 73rd Whitney Biennial.

“In their profoundly humanist documentary film This Land Is Your Land, Lori Cheatle and Daisy Wright explore the pervasive influence corporations are exerting on life in America. In archival footage and recorded testimonies, the filmmakers trace the impact of corporate power on individual lives, the social fabric, and the very principles of democracy. …At the heart of Cheatle and Wright’s film are the stories of individual people who have beaten the odds in their battles against corporate dominion. Essentially optimistic in their viewpoint, Cheatle and Wright fall squarely on the side of David taking on the corporate Goliath, issuing a celebratory acknowledgment of small acts of resistance…“ -courtesy The Whitney Museum of Art

A Hard Working Movies production, in association with Thrifty Pictures. An Argot Pictures release.
Directed by: Lori Cheatle & Daisy Wright
Produced by: Lori Cheatle
Co-producer: Virginia Williams
Edited by: Daisy Wright
Director of Photography: Brian Rigney Hubbard

With Jim Hightower, Naomi Klein, Marc Kasky, Thom Hartmann, Jan Edwards, George Robinson, Father Tryphon, Ron English, Reverend Billy Thomas Frank and many others.

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