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Life Moves On…And So Do the Jobs, After a Town’s Factory Closes

13 Jan

George Robinson and his fellow Natchez, MS workers wanted to save the International Paper plant, in which they worked, from being shut down. In order to save the plant and keep their jobs, they tried to buy the plant using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. About 11,000 companies in the U.S. now have this plan, covering over 8 million employees. The Natchez workers needed to raise $75 million for the purchase, but failed to do so. The factory is now being demolished, and because work in the area has diminished; George was forced to take a job at another mill 90 miles from his home. Here’s an update on George’s life & his thoughts on the present condition of the labor movement.

Q: Why don’t you start talking personally about how you’ve been since the film ended, what you’ve been up to in terms of your career and your work. Continue reading