“Morale is high, in spite of bologna sandwiches”

4 Nov

So says Rev. Billy in a call to his people from jail. Reverend Billy, Chris Hedges arrested today at Goldman Sachs. 

Adding beauty

2 Nov

Before we fell in love with “Benjamin Smoke”  we marveled at the stunning Super 8mm films of Jem Cohen. He’s been out filming at Wall Street – maybe you will be lucky enough to be captured by his camera like these people in the Gravity Hill Newsreels.

Dress for Success

25 Oct

A Thom Hartmann Sandwich

20 Oct

Well, that’s pretty much what was served on last week’s “Real Time with Bill Maher“; Thom was placed between John Fund, who advocated a national flat tax rate, and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who… also advocated a national flat tax rate, just even lower. Between these two loaves of insanity-bread was Thom – check out the first segment of the show below:

Jim Hightower on Occupy Wall Street

19 Oct

Jim recently posted a blog post about OWS:

If you had any doubt about the seriousness of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that is springing up from America’s grassroots like hardy wildflowers, just note the frantic fulminations against it by assorted Wall Street toadies.The corporate cheerleaders on CNBC, for example, reached back to the nasty days of McCarthyism to smear the youthful protesters as “aligned with Lenin.” Little Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader who loyally serves the banksters as their Washington lapdog, yapped in alarm about “the growing mobs occupying Wall Street.” Then came Mitt Romney, himself a former Wall Streeter, to warn darkly against the protesting rabble: “I think it’s dangerous – this class warfare.”

Read the whole thing!

Clear your Saturday

12 Oct

120 years of American law based on an error

9 Oct

We speak with Thom Hartmann, author of “Unequal Protection” about how a 19th-century court reporter changed the course of corporate law.

Q: Thom, at a screening of [This Land is Your Land] in New York you told the audience afterwards that while researching your book, you discovered that corporations were given the rights of persons due to an error in an 1886 Supreme Court case. Your discovery of this “error” really interested us.

TH: After the fact, I discovered that it wasn’t a unique discovery. That Howard J. Graham had discovered it some years earlier and I called Richard Grossman all excited. And he said, “Oh you hadn’t read Everyman’s Constitution?”

Q: Don’t you hate when that happens?

TH: Yes, and it took me the better part of a year to find a copy of the book. As far as I know there’s not a single copy of it for sale in the United States, it’s been out of print since the ’70s, or the ’60s.

Q: And nobody else talked about this? Continue reading