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The latest from the NYC Parks and Recreations Dept:

21 Mar


On Saturday night, scores of people were arrested and shut out of Zuccotti park as OWS protesters got an influx of manpower from participants of the Left Forum 2012 conference, which happened that same day. Now, having moved to Union Square, the NYPD shut down and closed that park as well early this morning. As far as we know, this tactic of mass-evictions and shutdowns of NYC parks, both private and public, doesn’t have much precedence, and it will be interesting to see what happens at tonight’s proposed Hoodie March to raise awareness of the Treyvon Martin case.


The Verizon building never looked better

18 Nov

Projectors are our friends. When they’re not busy showing movies, they can also throw supportive light on large surfaces. Well, at least if you have a ginormous projector, that is. At yesterday’s OWS march, starting at Foley Square and slowly making its way across the Brooklyn Bridge, the massive crowd was fueled on by a bat-signal of sorts, projected onto the flat window-less surface of the Verizon building. It was the handywork of a certain Mark Read and some of his friends, and you can read about how it all came about here.


60’s OWS

10 Nov

Our friend Bill Mac took this photo of David Crosby (with Graham Nash) the other day on Wall Street. A bit of a musical flashback- Bill filmed with us during a Patti Smith/Ralph Nader rally down on Wall Street some years ago.