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Got your picture on the cover of

15 Dec

The new currency

7 Dec

We’ve always been interested in the concept of bartering – we did it ourselves with Carolina Caycedo, who makes an art out of  bartering, literally. We like Barter Theater, are surprised that Craigslist  seems to have an active barter section and wonder if big company barter systems like Gulf Coast Trading really work.  Brooklyn Torch is a new currency project based on the concept of bartering for the communities in North Brooklyn. Groups like Time/Bank are trying to be more international. Here’s one of T/B’s recent projects:

Branding Morgan Spurlock

30 Nov

We’re a little confused. Morgan’s “POM Wonderful” was promoted as a satire on branding in films and last month he announced he’s started a company to help others get financing from brands for their documentaries. Sheffield Doc festival seems a little confused, too, working with Reuters Institute at Oxford to study the subject while discussions on the subject at IDFA doc festival last week got hot.

Shop local

25 Nov

After 9,000 people storm Macy’s at midnight on Black Friday, we decide to wait until tomorrow for any shopping at nationwide Small Business Saturday. There’s usually more interesting things to buy and we like supporting our friends and neighbors, like Otto or Unnameable Books or Metal and Thread or Music Matters or the Brooklyn Superhero Supply store.

60’s OWS

10 Nov

Our friend Bill Mac took this photo of David Crosby (with Graham Nash) the other day on Wall Street. A bit of a musical flashback- Bill filmed with us during a Patti Smith/Ralph Nader rally down on Wall Street some years ago.

“Morale is high, in spite of bologna sandwiches”

4 Nov

So says Rev. Billy in a call to his people from jail. Reverend Billy, Chris Hedges arrested today at Goldman Sachs. 

Adding beauty

2 Nov

Before we fell in love with “Benjamin Smoke”  we marveled at the stunning Super 8mm films of Jem Cohen. He’s been out filming at Wall Street – maybe you will be lucky enough to be captured by his camera like these people in the Gravity Hill Newsreels.