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An ungovernable art show

22 Feb

The New Museum in New York City recently opened their latest Triennial, called “The Ungovernables“, an exhibition that “takes its inspiration from the concept of ‘ungovernability’ and its transformation from a pejorative term used to describe unruly ‘natives’ to a strategy of civil disobedience and self-determination. The Ungovernables is meant to suggest both anarchic and organized resistance and a dark humor about the limitations and potentials of this generation.” Judy Berman at Flavorpill writes of one of the most compelling qualities of the show, in that it  “after a year that began with Arab Spring and ended with the global Occupy movement, this [focuses] on young people from around the world and their various ‘urgencies,’ while acknowledging that their particular concerns are only beginning to coalesce”.

If you’re in New York, it seems very worthwhile a visit.


We bet the romantic-industrial complex doesn’t even know we exist…

14 Feb

On this day of all things heart-shaped and/or fluffy, a look at the economics of Valentine’s Day, courtesy of Feministing’s Samhita Mukhophadyay (writing in The Nation).

(image courtesy of Ben Kling)

A Memo (song) for Mitt

11 Jan

Now that Mitt Romney – unwavering champion of corporate personhood – has won both the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, we thought it appropriate to once again remind him of what seems obvious to many (including, in these past few days, the Montana Supreme Court and 67% of North Carolinians): that only people are people. But this time, we’ll do it in song, courtesy of Jan Edwards – who successfully managed to get her small town to abolish corporate personhood, as seen in This Land is Your Land – and guitarist/co-vocalist John Ause. Click “continue reading” for the lyrics and please, sing with us on this one!

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Get a discount on “This Land…” for the holidays!

8 Dec

Ka-chinnng! Starting now until the end of the year, we’re offering 25% off This Land is Your Land on DVD! The perfect gift for anyone interested in issues about citizenry in the age of modern corporatism; head on over to our store and simply enter HARDWORKINGMOVIES as a discount code before checking out, and 25% will automatically be deducted from your order. Santa is unionized in 2012 – go get This Land is Your Land now.

The Verizon building never looked better

18 Nov

Projectors are our friends. When they’re not busy showing movies, they can also throw supportive light on large surfaces. Well, at least if you have a ginormous projector, that is. At yesterday’s OWS march, starting at Foley Square and slowly making its way across the Brooklyn Bridge, the massive crowd was fueled on by a bat-signal of sorts, projected onto the flat window-less surface of the Verizon building. It was the handywork of a certain Mark Read and some of his friends, and you can read about how it all came about here.


A Thom Hartmann Sandwich

20 Oct

Well, that’s pretty much what was served on last week’s “Real Time with Bill Maher“; Thom was placed between John Fund, who advocated a national flat tax rate, and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who… also advocated a national flat tax rate, just even lower. Between these two loaves of insanity-bread was Thom – check out the first segment of the show below:

Jim Hightower on Occupy Wall Street

19 Oct

Jim recently posted a blog post about OWS:

If you had any doubt about the seriousness of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that is springing up from America’s grassroots like hardy wildflowers, just note the frantic fulminations against it by assorted Wall Street toadies.The corporate cheerleaders on CNBC, for example, reached back to the nasty days of McCarthyism to smear the youthful protesters as “aligned with Lenin.” Little Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader who loyally serves the banksters as their Washington lapdog, yapped in alarm about “the growing mobs occupying Wall Street.” Then came Mitt Romney, himself a former Wall Streeter, to warn darkly against the protesting rabble: “I think it’s dangerous – this class warfare.”

Read the whole thing!