From the beginning, we wanted “This Land is Your Land” to be more than just a film. We wanted to find a way- online and in person –to bring together communities and to have a place where people can share stories, news and events.

That’s what this website is about.

“This Land is Your Land” began with a few simple ideas in mind: that people are uniting around the notion that corporations have too much power and that there are people who are out there voicing their objections and finding innovative ways to challenge the system. In our film, we looked at issues relating to branding, consumer culture, corporate personhood, media manipulation, outsourcing, the attack on unions, corporate tax breaks, the influence of money in politics, the growing gap between rich and poor and the diminishing middle class. And we spent time with a wide range of local heroes.

The film is out and has had a rich life of its own. While many of the problems are still here, we’re excited that there is now a growing international movement uniting around these types of issues and with a renewed sense of purpose.

We’re hoping to capture and pay tribute to some of the great stories and individuals out there now. Visit often and share your anecdotes, suggest people to interview or let us know about events that are happening.


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